Print datas

Print data optimization

What is a bleed actually? How do I design the perfect motif? And what do I have to consider when exporting my data in order to achieve an optimal print result? As experts for backlit print motifs, we know our customers’ questions. – And we know the answer:

PIXLIP explains important terms of print data handling

Print data optimization


In order to create optimal print data, it is advisable to know and understand some of the technical terms used in printing technology and optimization. We have summarized the most important terms for our customers here and explained them in detail.

Textile printing

Printing methods

We at PIXLIP offer our customers two different printing processes. In the following we show you which advantages and disadvantages the different processes involve and which of them is particularly suitable for which purposes.

PIXLIP offers two different printing methods
PIXLIP gives design tips for perfect illuminated advertising

Design tips


Nothing is more inspiring than a white sheet of paper. It provides the background where you can create something unique – or even have to. – After all, how does an idea actually become the convincing motif that the boss is constantly talking about? We show you how a diffuse thought becomes a concrete core message, and how a sketch becomes the perfect poster.