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The eye is our most important sensory organ: Only light creates the conditions for our vision. Our perception can be influenced by certain properties such as the intensity, distribution and colour of light.

Overview of the most important terms and units of LED technology

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You will quickly come across a multitude of technical terms relating to the subject of light. PIXLIP offers a small overview of the most important terms, units and sizes in lighting technology.

Light technology

LED technology
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Once fiercely criticised as cold, dark and expensive, LEDs are now regarded as the future of lighting technology. We will explain why this is the case, which advantages LEDs bring, and what you should know about the inconspicuous light-emitting diodes.

PIXLIP LED technology in detail
Relaxed lighting atmosphere with a PIXLIP ceiling light box

Light colour

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The human eye does not only distinguish between light and dark. Our perception is also determined by the colour of the light: While warm white light is perceived as cosy, neutral white strikes as rather cool and matter-of-fact.