Heller und bunter pixPro Messestand auf der Europshop 2017

Professional trade fair construction

The future of
trade fair construction

PIXLIP PX is a versatile alternative to traditional trade fair stands:
Flexible, bright and customized.

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Messestand mit hell hinterleuchtetem Deckenring und viel Fernwirkung
Portrait photo of a satisfied Pixlip customer

A guarantee for
more success

“PixPro makes entrepreneurs hearts beat faster: maximum long-distance effect and best customer response, with minimum technical and financial effort. That’s the way exhibition stand construction should be.”

Andreas Salsamedi
Simple GmbH
Curaden brand staging

Backlit exhibition stand with colourful print motifs

aluminium frame

LED technic

Open illuminated frame with aluminium profile, integrated Led modules and opened textile printing


tool-free and intuitive assembly and disassembly

The routine-friendly assembly of the PX systems enables resource-saving trade fair construction. The high-quality aluminium profiles can be assembled without tools into custom-made frames. Thanks to their lightweight construction, they are light, yet stable and torsion-resistant. Ideal for long-term use in exhibition stand construction.


stable and torsion-resistant construction

Even complex stand architectures can be easily implemented thanks to the simple but stable system design.


less time and personnel resources

Stand construction is a very time-sensitive business that requires efficient time and personnel management. Thanks to its intuitive handling, the PIXLIP PX system offers maximum flexibility in stand construction even under time pressure.

Aluminium profiles are connected to the practical plastic corner bracket without the need for tools




Presentation strenght

Light sells

Light attracts, directs and awakens desire.
The PIXLIP PX area light accentuates and stages exhibition stands, creates a long-distance effect and stimulates interest.

power supply

click mechanism

Pixlip LED modules are clicked into an aluminum profile


Design and

PIXLIP PX is the white canvas for your motif idea. The individual textile prints can be reused or exchanged for specific projects at any time.



freedom of design

at any time


Textil mit patentiertem PrintClip wird in einen pixpro Leuchtrahmen eingesetzt

A future investment

PIXLIP PX is the sustainable solution for budget and environment: Cost-effective, durable and reusable. Thanks to the high quality standard, all PX components are particularly durable and therefore 100% reusable.

Classical exhibition stand construction requires large resources for the transport, storage, erection and dismantling of stand architectures. The PIXLIP PX system design not only reduces working time, but also the deployment of personnel and the required storage capacities. The minimal power consumption and the long service life of the LEDs ensure cost-effective operation.


reusable, thanks to a high quality standard


less time and personnel resources, thanks to intuitive design


Less storage space required than in conventional stand construction

Riesige PixPro Leuchtwand über 5 meter hoch
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All pixPro system elements can be combined with each other

joint types

PIXLIP PX is primarily characterized by its high flexibility and modularity. You can combine and exchange all system element as you desire, so that the system can react to changing requirements at any time.

A large number of different, application-specific connection variants are available for this purpose.

Pixpro door module for the construction of a cabin at the exhibition stand

Thanks to the system design: With the help of the backlit door module, you can combine the light walls into a self-sufficient room system.

Hell und homogen hinterleuchteter Deckenring über einem Messestand
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PIXLIP PX makes no compromises: The system combines maximum simplicity with original solutions. The intelligent 45° mitre corner makes the frame construction disappear completely behind the textile – and the message.

Open illuminated frame with rimless backlit 45° corner
Leuchtwand ausgestattet mit Magnethaltern, die Produkte an der Wand schweben lassen
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Magical magnetic holder on an internal strut in a luminous frame
Magnetic coat hook in front of a backlit exhibition wall


Backlit shelf modules in front of an illuminated wall

storage space

Hell hinterleuchteter Leuchtkubus mit Fernwirkung über einem Messestand
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Bunte Sitzinseln aus Leuchtkuben auf einem Messestand
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Consultation in front of a luminous frame

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