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Mobile trade fair stand

Flexible, bright
and costumized

PixEasy is the first mobile and backlit presentation system for budget-friendly stand design.

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Kleiner Messestand mit hell hinterleuchteten Pixlip Go Leuchtwänden
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Portrait of a satisfied Pixlip Go customer

It couldn´t
be easier!

„PIXLIP GO impresses with its extremely light weight, fast, tool-free construction and brilliant illumination: the ideal display system with eye-catching guarantee at all trade fairs and events.“

Katrin Kamp
Clip GmbH
Marketing Management

Backlit exhibition stand made of Pixlip Go illuminated frame


efficient LED

Open illuminated frame with plastic profile, pre-installed Led modules and opened textile print


fewer storage and transport resources

Thanks to its lightweight plastic construction, you can transport PIXLIP GO quite easily. Whether in a comfortable carrier bag or in a practical shipping carton: PIXLIP GO fits in every trunk.


toolless and intuitive plug-in mechanism

PIXLIP GO doesn´t require any tools. Thanks to the intelligent and intuitive plug-in system, all components can be connected to a modern advertising space within a few minutes.


major attention-grabbing effect

With PIXLIP GO, nobody escapes notice. The integrated, highly efficient PIXLIP LED modules guarantee homogeneous illumination of the textiles and thus maximum attention.

Plastic profiles are connected without tools thanks to the plug-in mechanism


no risk
of injury


Illuminated display

Sell more
with light

The future of mobile exhibition stands shines brightly: The PIXLIP GO integrated backlighting finally provides every advertisement with the attention it deserves.

in Frame


The Pixlip Go LED modules are already pre-installed in the profile

Trade fair display


The individually printed textiles make every PIXLIP GO unique: time and time again. If the message changes, the textiles can quickly and easily be exchanged too.





100% reusable

Textil mit patentiertem PrintClip wird in einen PIXLIP GO Leuchtrahmen eingesetzt
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A long term investment

PIXLIP GO opens up new perspectives for sustainable and budget-friendly exhibition stand construction. The low-cost purchase pays for itself after only one use, because transport, assembly and personnel costs are also reduced to a minimum thanks to the intelligent design.

All system components are 100% reusable. This is mainly due to the high quality standard to which both the plastic profiles and the textiles are subject. The minimal power consumption and the long service life of the LEDs also ensure economical use.


flexibly applicable and reusable


Savings in personnel and time management


lower transport and storage costs

Der PIXLIP GO Leuchtrahmen lässt sich einfach in der Transporttasche transportieren
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All pixlip Go system elements can be combined with each other

connector types

PIXLIP GO offers a variety of frame formats that you can combine and connect with each other as you desire. Even with a small GO stock, you can create new, creative solutions over and over again.

Along with the practical Print Clip, the system connectors Top and Step are standard equipment of all GO LIGHTBOX products.

PIXLIP GO door module with flex connector

Thanks to the system design: With the help of the backlit door module, the light walls can be combined into a self-sufficient room system.

All Lightbox products can be individually painted in all RAL colours.
Transparenter Acryl Prospekthalter von PIXLIP GO mit Katalogen
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Fahne über einem Pixlip Go Leuchtrahmen
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Consultation in front of a luminous frame

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